How to Clean Your Car In 5 Minutes or Less

You worked hard to buy your vehicle, and Sternberg Automotive Sales and Service wants you to be proud of your new ride, so we're going to tell you how to clean it in less than five minutes.

First things first, remove all of the junk that has been accumulating in your car. Throw out any half-empty water bottles, gum wrappers, and drive-thru receipts. 

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Start a Carpool: Save Time and Energy!

Carpooling is still a popular way to get your children back and forth to school. We at Sternberg Automotive Sales and Service make it a priority to educate our clients about carpooling safety with children. If you are starting a carpool, organizing ahead of time is key to a low-stress year.

Plan your carpool a few weeks prior to the start of school.

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Powertrain/Bumper to Bumper Warranties

Purchasing a vehicle can be overwhelming because of all the options that you have. Once you have decided what you like when it comes to the aesthetics of a vehicle, you may want to look a bit more in depth at what types of warranties you receive from a manufacturer.

The warranty coverage provided here at Sternberg Automotive Sales and Service is important if something ends up being wrong with the vehicle, and it isn't your fault. 

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Do You Prefer an RWD or FWD Vehicle?

There are many factors to consider if you want to make a wise and informed vehicle choice. These factors include size, vehicle type, and how you intend to use it. A factor that should be kept in mind is whether to get an RWD or FWD vehicle.

There are pros and cons to both front and rear wheel drive vehicles. With RWD vehicles, there are two benefits. These include being better balanced, which results in better handling, as well as, being simple and rugged. 

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Rubber or Carpet Mats: Which Will You Choose?

Have you ever had a vehicle that needed new floor mats? Sometimes the factory ones that come with the vehicle can get dirty, or maybe you just want to protect the original ones so that they are in pristine condition when it's time to sell. Whatever the case, at Sternberg Automotive Sales and Service in Louisville, KY, we want you to know what your options are, so here are some things you should consider.

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What Is an Alignment?

Every vehicle on the road needs an alignment from time to time. The suspension system on vehicles is not static. The system is subject to huge forces that can bend a part, crack a ball-joint, or cause a gasket to leak. The result of wear over time, potholes in the road, or unexpected curbs or speed-bumps may be misaligned tires. When tires are misaligned, your tires are not pointing straight down the road causing excessive wear on your tires.

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How to Get the Most from Your Tires

There are steps that you should take to ensure that your tires remain safe to drive on at all times. Before you drive, take a second to examine the physical condition of the tire. If you notice that the tread is too low or is showing signs of uneven wear, be sure to take the vehicle in for service as soon as possible.

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What Exactly is a Gasket?

We’ve all heard the term “blow a gasket”, but what do these things really do? As with so many things, the truth is very simple.

Gaskets are a solid, impenetrable barrier intended to keep things such as fluids from mixing or easily escaping. In short, they keep everything contained and separated similar to rubber washers and other seals.

They’re usually made of layers of steel or copper, with a rubber or silicate outer coating (to prevent corrosion or damage to other components). 

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The Transmission Needs Regular Maintenance

The transmission is a vital component of your vehicle and serves the purpose of transferring power from the engine to the wheels, via the gear system. Manual transmissions let you shift the gears yourself, while automatic transmissions do the gear-shifting for you. Either way, both types of transmissions require regular maintenance.

Today's modern vehicles are mostly powered by automatic transmissions. 

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How to Change a Flat Tire Near a Busy Road

In order to change a flat tire, you'll need multiple tools and supplies. The main items include a jack, spare tire, lug wrench. However, since a tire could roll over a sharp object at night, you'll benefit from investing in a bright flashlight as well.

Because all environments have different risks, you must implement each tire maintenance procedure in a secure spot. Depending on the situation, you may have to drive or push the vehicle to a practical location that's far away from the highway in order to boost safety during the maintenance process.

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